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Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to start assembling the squares I have in about a week. If you have anymore to send please let me know and I'll give you the mailing address.


Hey peeps

Ok, gotta make this short but wanted to let you know that I received 2 packages this weekend. 1 from morning_sunlite (thanks for the extra pick me up, girl!) and one from an anonymous donor lol. 4 green squares and 1 black? Anyone?

Picking up another on Thursday that's waiting for me.

Yarn color

Forgive me for the ridiculous-ness of this question. Is thyme a properly green color for the Jared squares? ^^;;

Oh and one more thing...

If you'd like to post any Supernatural knitting/crocheting projects you're working on or have completed, feel free to post about them. Actually, anything Supernaturally crafty will do. Have at it!

Hello all...

Sorry for being absent lately. I've been in a bad place (not like a torture chamber, just in my head and stuff like that) but I'm here and hopefully back on track.

I know a couple of you have sent in more squares (I'm sorry if I haven't replied to emails. My Outlook had been in quite the bad mood!) and I anxiously await them. YAY for more squares. Now, I was thinking about this and I'd like input from the masses, but I was thinking we could send the boys their blankies when they start shooting season 5.

They're likely wrapping up S4 now and by the time the blankets are assembled and sent they'll be resting and relaxing for the summer.

Please let me know what you think about this.

Also, if you have more squares to send, let me know and I'll give you the mailing address.


Okay I've 6 squares knit and no idea who/where to send them to. Anyone able to enlighten me?

Metallicar Scarf

I've knitted a scarf for Sweet Charity Auction. It's an illusion scarf designed by lycanthrophile featuring the wonderful Impala. The wonder of illusion garments is that the image on them isn't visible when viewed head-on - it only apears when viewed from an angle. Magic!

Metallicar ScarfCollapse )

More Colors at Yarnmarket!

Hey, kids! Yarnmarket has a great selection of Mission Falls in 36 different colors, just in case you want to mix it up a little. Good price, fast shipping.

Here's a link:

Helpful SALE at Great Yarn Company

Hey, all! Some of us bought our wool online at Great Yarn Company. They are currently running a free shipping sale:

"Free Shipping on all orders over $50 thru the end of March! Just enter Coupon Code fsm0209 during checkout for Free Shipping on orders over $50."

It might be a way to help cut costs and get some nice yarn for our boys.


Squares tally!

Sorry I didn't get back to anyone last night or post this then. My home computer died completely so I was internet deprived but today after I buy a new one I should be good do go barring any connection issues.

Anyway, I did a count on the squares.

Jensen = 11
Jared = 18
Charity = 34

I think we need 40 per blanket so we're a little off the mark lol. I'll be knitting up some more and if anyone would like to knit up some more that would be fabulous.

I'm gonna say that more black/grey for Jensen would rule and more dark greens/browns for Jared please.

If anyone needs the address again, please let me know. I've been giving my home address but from now on I'll be giving my work address as that would be easier for me to get then it going home and possibly to the post office if I'm not there.

Ok, off to work I go. Have a lovely day, people!