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Hello ladies and gents!

Do we even have any gents here?

Anyway, just wanted to give you a tiny update. I have picked up more packages and tonight I'll be getting a count of how many we have and how many more we need for each blanket.

I have a feeling we'll be good to go on the charity blanket but Jensen's and Jared's will probably need more.

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. My home computer is making me angry with the not working and we're not supposed to blog at work so this is just a quick little note lol.

Have a fabulous hump day, folks!

P.S. Can Sally please msg me or email me? I'm not sure on your LJ username so I can't get you directly. Thanks!

Hey guys!

Alright, so I have to pick up a package today at the post office and while I think I have a good number of squares to start assembling I may need more. I'll let you know what the deal is and if I need anymore.

If I do, would you guys be willing to knit more? I know you guys have been AWESOME with the knitting but hopefully you have some in you to knit a few more?

I'll keep you guys posted!


Hey there, my fellow Supernatural peeps!

Just wanted to see how everyone is doing? I got 2 packages in the mail yesterday and this weekend I'll be starting to get the squares mapped out and on who's blanket.

Everyone should have their squares ready to send. If not, please send them as soon as possible.

If anyone needs the mailing address please let me know here, email or through private message and I'll give you the address.


Hello Superknitural knitters!

Hope everyone is doing well and that 2009 has been treating you all as lovely as possible.

Just a friendly reminder that squares should be done and ready to send to me by January 31st. I got another package today and hopefully we'll have enough for the blankies.

Wendy out.

Best Way to Ship

So, it looks like I've knit all I'll have time for for this project now that school has started back up (unfortunately it was only 5 squares, turns out I'm a very slow knitter). Now that I'm getting ready to mail off the squares I'm just wondering about the best way to package them. I've done them all in stockinette stitch so the squares have rolled themselves into little sausages, should I leave them like that? fold them? lay them flat? Mail them in a box or in a bubble mailer? Sorry if these questions are silly but since these are the first things I've ever knit I don't really want to mess them up by accident.

Should I stop yet?

Hi all, hope everyone has been enjoying knitting these as much as I have. I promised morning_sunlite that I would post to show how I'm getting on so here it is - my squares so far.

Not sure if . . .

So a while back there was a post about posting the results of our knitting and violetknights has been prodding me to post pics of what I've done so far. The first thing I should confess is that I taught myself to knit (more or less) with minor intermittent interference from a variety of people along the way (uni room mate/grandmother/kind lady at wool shop!)
Photos and waffle below cutCollapse )

Hello knitters!

So...I have been asked by some people if we do get enough squares and decide to send one to the ever evil Mr. Kripke, what colours should they be.

Well, if you want to knit any extras for a possible Kripke blanket, than we're looking at reds/browns maybe? Please no pink or lime green. Great colours but I think the Krip might be more into the BLOOD RED. What a freak lol.


Hey gang!

Hope all is good with everyone and that the holiday season is treating you well. Just wanted to post to ask a quick favour. When you send me your squares, please include your LJ name with it so we can include it in the note we send to the boys/crew.




Hey all! I was thinking of embroidering the boys' protective tattoo symbol on my squares for Jared and Jensen. Does anybody have a good screencap of that scene?